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I don’t want to change the way you look: I want to make you feel like the best possible version of yourself. Naturally, I want to make you feel beautiful, hopefully the most beautiful you have ever felt, but just as importantly I want you to feel comfortable. For me, it all starts with the glow. And there’s nothing more beautiful than the glow of a bride on her wedding day.


The trial is an opportunity for us to work together to achieve the perfect look for your day. My aim is for you to feel relaxed enough to express your thoughts and suggestions with complete honesty. This means building a degree of trust, so that when the big day arrives,  you have complete confidence in the look we have chosen. Makeup is intimate and personal and it is so important for me to make my clients feel comfortable, secure and happy.  

The trial itself last two hours and I will take portrait shots of your finished look for you to keep so you can see how the makeup translates in photos. Communication is key and I am always on hand to answer any questions after the trial. The wedding morning is inevitably very busy and I know how important it is to allow plenty of time. I will send you a timetable before the day to let you feel totally at ease.  I always arrive with plenty of time and stay until everyone is happy. 


Are you happy with your daily make up routine? Do you feel confident in making yourself up for a special occasion? If the answer is no to either of these questions then a tutorial could be just the boost you need. Whether it’s a new mum that has just 10 minutes in the morning or a mature lady who’s looking to regain some self-esteem, I can tailor a session to your specific requirements. 

Makeup lessons are two hours long and we will begin by talking through your daily makeup routine. I will ask you to bring along your makeup with you and we will go through your  collection together.  We will go through your ideal colours, what will compliment your skin tone, what colours will bring out your eyes and the perfect products to use for your skin type.  We will also go through skincare basics, application techniques and brush use.


This is a practical lesson so after demonstrating each stage, I will support you to carry it out yourself. My makeup lessons are full of tips and tricks and a perfect gift. 



Birthday party, hen do or date night,  I’ve got you covered.

With occasion makeup, a trial is generally not necessary as we will communicate the required look via email but if you did require a trial, this is no problem.

Before we meet,  I will ask you to send me some photos of your outfit and a few example of make up looks that you would like to use as inspiration. We will also take into account your hair style to make sure your whole look is coherent. 

I will take portrait shots for you to keep of your look!



Prom is your night to celebrate leaving school or college and what better way to mark the occasion than you and your friends getting pampered with your very own glamorous prom makeup looks. I will work with you to create a knock out look which enhances your natural beauty. I can create any look you desire, from natural glowing skin to full on glam.  

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